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Gutter & Fascia
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We are your source for component parts for repair or remodel of your Armco / Steelox brand metal building.

    Armco Steelox Base Channel        BASE CHANNEL            Metal Door Frame Clip- Armco Steelox Door Jamb ClipDOOR JAMB CLIP                           Armco Steelox CFW  Walk Door framing lintelDOOR DRIP LINTEL  

       Armco Steelox Gutter Endcap - Repair GutterGUTTER END CAP                                        Armco Steelox CFW Shadowrib Structural Steel Clip     JIM CLIP

We manufacture a full line of NON-ENGINEERED Component parts to repair or remodel your existing Armco / Steelox brand building.  We have been a builder for over 25 years and were one of the many left without a source for repair of our buildings in service, not to mention we liked the Steelox product and continue to use many of their wall & roof systems on other projects. 

We have acquired most of the actual dies and jigging direct from the factory to manufacture our parts, along with a large quantity of finished goods.  Odds are that we have in stock what you are looking for.  Unlike most builders, we have the ability to fabricate component parts that will seamlessly match your existing Armco or Steelox building.

This is just a small sample of what we have in stock...

Base Channel and Zee ; Foam Closures ; Doors (Framing, Hardware, Leafs) ; Windows (Framing & Glass) ; Fasteners ; Clips; Sealants ; Fascia; Gutter; Ridge ; Eave Trim ;  Supports, Stiffeners ; Overhead door CFO's ; Thresholds ; Louvers ;  Pipe Flashings ; Downspouts ; Lintels ; Gutter hangers , and much more...

Advantages of our component parts:

  1. Our component parts are made to the same or higher quality than the original factory OEM parts.
  2. In many cases we can match exact original factory finishes without the large quantity.
  3. We stock parts that are commonly used for repair & remodel.
  4. We have the knowledge to know what these parts are intended for and have installed them ourselves many times.
  5. Some of our parts are even original Factory parts.


  • Payment
    • Charge (Visa, & Master Card)
    • Cashiers Check
    • Cash
    • Company Check (Will ship when funds clear.  Please allow ample lead time when using this method)
  • Freight / Shipping:   F.O.B. Thornton, CO 80241
    • Buyer responsible for shipping from 12520 Grant Drive #100 Thornton, CO 80241. 
    • Local Pickup is OK.   Please call 24 hours in advance.
  • Applicable taxes will be added to your quote
  • Installation not by H&H Enterprises, Inc.


We can trace down parts in multiple ways. 

  • By 5-digit Steelox part number.  (Number is usually tagged, stenciled, written, or stamped into individual parts.) 
  • By Steelox Group number + Part Number
  • Copy of your Armco / Steelox erection drawings showing parts required.
  • The original builder's name and Contact information.   More often than not builders will have a copy on hand of your building's drawings and the parts that were used.
  • A good old fashioned brief description of what it is you're looking for.  We understand that you might not understand our business and we are willing to assist you. 
  • A picture is worth a thousand words...  Take a digital photograph and e-mail it to us as an attachment.  Make sure you include a relevant subject or call us before you use this option.  Many times e-mails that we do not recognize as legitimate will be deleted, especially those with attachments.  Sorry for the inconvenience
  • Last resort: Contact us and we can talk about what it is... your part may have been discontinued and not have a part number; however, we can still replicate these parts in many cases.

We cannot track down your required parts by:

  • Your original order number:  This number usually begins with a "W" and is chalked onto structural columns & rafters.
  • Your original builder's Steelox builder number
  • Your building's ship week or date, and/or date of erection.
  • Part #'s off of similar non-Steelox / Armco Buildings, however sometimes these parts are interchangeable.   Please contact us first if you have a hybrid system or a building by a different manufacturer.

Notice!!  Our component parts are solely intended to be sold as non-engineered component parts.  H&H Assumes no liability for improper installation and or structural failure due to the replacement or remodel of existing structures.  Although these parts are made to replicate the original parts we cannot guarantee structural integrity of your building.  Our parts are purchased individually and not as a part of any engineered system.  Our component parts are guaranteed to fit correctly within your existing Steelox / Armco brand  building however, H&H assumes no responsibility as to the engineering properties nor can guarantee or provide engineering data of these parts.

 H&H is not affiliated with Armco or Steelox in any way.                    

 Steelox is a registered trademark of Metal Building Components, L.P. ("MBCI").  Our services and products are not affiliated with or sponsored by MBCI.

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