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Standing Seam Roof 

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Standing seam metal roof panels are the superior product to use as a roofing method.  They are very low maintenance and provide a long life cycle compared to many other roofing products.  A standing seam metal roof can come in many different profiles.  Some are snap together and some are mechanically seamed panels.  Standing seam panels have an advantage over thru fastened corrugated roof panels because they utilize a floating clip design that allows the roof to thermally expand with changing temperatures.   Thru fastened roofs tend to leak when fasteners are stressed back & forth over the years due to this phenomenon.  Standing seam roofs are designed to float and the fasteners are concealed, therefore they do not leak.


  • UC-1 -  This snap on batten roof system is ideal for roofs that transition from roof to fascia.  Requires a solid substrate such as a plywood deck or rigid insulation over steel deck.  Concealed fastener clips allow for thermal movement.  Available in Prepainted Steel, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum, Copper, & Zinc.
    • Optimal Panel Widths 13" ; 17" ; 21"
    • Seam Rib Height: 1.75"
    • Panel Lengths:  Min. 30"  Maximum 600"
    • UL-580 Class 90


  • UC-2- Similar to the UC-1 but with a 1.5" or 2" wide batten.
    • Optimal O.C. Dimension 1.5" wide batten: 14" ; 17"; 22"
    • Optimal O.C. Dimension 2" wide batten: 14.5" ; 17.5"; 22.5"
    • Seam Rib Height: 1.75"
    • Panel Lengths:  Min. 30"  Maximum 600"
    • UL-580 Class 90


  • UC-4- Integral Snap Lock Standing Seam Panel.  This design eliminates the need for roof clips.
    • Optimal Panel Width: 9.75" or 17.75"
    • Seam Rib Height: 1.5"
    • Panel Lengths:  Min. 24"  Maximum 600"
    • UL-580 Class 90


  • Battenlock HS- 2" Standing seam panel.  Designed with floating clips for thermal expansion.   Ideal for use on metal buildings with 5'-0" purlin spacing.  Mechanically seamed.
    • Panel Width: 16"
    • Seam Rib Height: 2"
    • Panel Lengths:  Min. 24"  Maximum 600"
    • UL-580 Class 90

Representative Projects:

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metal roof  Lakewood Empire Nissan - Lakewood, CO

Aloft Arista Swoof - Broomfield, CO

Xcel Energy Power Plants - Manchief, Cherokee, St. Vrain, Pawnee, Taryall, Nixon, Arapahoe - Various location in Colorado

  National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - Golden, CO


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